Why is My Electric Bill So High in 2022?
Sep 11, 2022

Why is My Electric Bill So High in 2022?

While there’s not a specific dollar amount that states your electric bill is too high, you can tell by comparing current bills to payments from the past. If you notice significant changes in the bills coming to your house recently, this may be because of several factors. We recommend having an electrical inspection with HomeOps Electric, this way we can help determine the source of your electric problems.

Standby Power

Think of the wires and cables you leave plugged-in outlets even when you’re not using them. These plugged-in devices can eat up extra amounts of electricity that are wasted. If it already has a full battery and is still plugged in, unplug the cable from the outlet to save the use of electricity.

Old Appliances

Modern appliances are designed to be more energy-sufficient compared to older models. If you own appliances that have been around for a while, it’s best to upgrade them. Having old appliances around the house adds up to excessive amounts of electricity that can affect your electric bill. Appliances like dishwashers, refrigerators, and dryers should be replaced if they’re in poor condition.

Constant Use of Appliances

Using big appliances like dishwashers and washing machines constantly can add up to a great deal of water and electricity being used, increasing the bill. However, these appliances may not be reaching their full functional capacity. Instead of throwing in small loads of clothes every day, wait until you have enough dirty laundry to fill up the entirety of the washing machine. It’ll still be using the same amount of water and electricity, but you’ll be washing more clothes.

Misusing Lights

A lot of people use ceiling fans to light up the entire room. However, it’s much more effective if you have several different lights or lamps illuminating a certain area in the room, such as next to the couch or near the dining table. This will also allow the person to focus the light on the area they’re working or sitting in. Our suggestion is to switch to energy-efficient bulbs that will save more money when the lights are on and turn off the lights if there’s nobody in the room.

Putting Demand on Your HVAC System

If your HVAC system runs on electricity, then expect to see higher numbers on your electric bill. This also applies to seasonal bills. Depending on the season, you’ll be needing your HVAC system more or less. In the summer and winter months, you can expect your bill to be higher because of the heating and cooling you’ll be using.

Electricity Peak Hours

Some companies have a time-in-use policy, which means they charge more for electricity use during certain time frames. The hours in which electricity is used more are called peak hours, which is when there’s a higher demand for electricity. Peak hours vary depending on the supplier, time of year, and other factors. Ask your company’s electrician for your peak hours.

Try saving your electricity by following the tips and reasons listed above. If you need electrical inspection or any other electrical service, call HomeOps Electric and an experienced electrician will be there to assist you.

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