Tips for Perfect Bathroom Lighting
Aug 28, 2022

Tips for Perfect Bathroom Lighting

The lighting inside the restroom has a huge significance in its appeal. Having the wrong lighting installation in your restroom can have the other aspects of it look dull and leave the person using it to be unsatisfied. The toilet, shower area, and vanity all need different lighting options but still need to look put together overall. The process of choosing the best lighting for your restroom can be quite overwhelming, but luckily, the professionals at HomeOps Electric have a few tips they can share with you to help you narrow down your options.

Add Diffuse and Light

Having light fixtures along the vanity mirror or around the restroom will bring lighting and diffuse to your bathroom. For example, if you have one large mirror on a double vanity, consider adding light in the middle. Or if you have a double vanity but with two separate mirrors, you can add lights around each of the mirrors. That way everyone will have their own lighting when looking at the mirror.

Arrange the Height Correctly

Once you’ve decided on the type of light fixture to install, it’s time to have lighting installation at the correct height. You won’t want our lights to shine directly above you or from below your face. The general placement will be to hang the lights at eye level at around 65 to 70 inches from the floor.

Floor Lights

Turning on lights late at night can be an issue and an awkward change for your eyes. Instead, consider adding floor lights, for example, built-in sync lights or lights underneath a drifting vanity. Their delicate shine makes it simple to see where you're going without turning on extra, glaring lights. Consult with an affordable electrician on whether this would be fitting for your restroom.

Avoid Clear Glass Shades

Designs that are in trend aren't generally to our greatest advantage, and lighting is no special case. Muddling matters, most light installations are shot either when the light is switched off or in a room with full sunshine, so you never see them in real life until it's past the point of no return. Stay away from clear glass shades or uncovered bulbs in the washroom due to their harsh glare. You should consider adding frosted shades or fabric shades instead. The same thing applies to solid metal shades. Having only solid metal shades without other sources of light will leave you in the dark.

Shower Lighting

You might need to design some recessed lighting for your shower, particularly if you have a walk-in shower with an entryway. Here, you will need to utilize either a damp-rated or moisture-appraised installation while introducing your recessed lighting. Your decision will rely upon whether water will have direct contact with the lighting or if it will just be exposed to humidity. While concluding how much lighting you want in your shower, consider adding one elevated light in a solitary shower and two in a double.

The Final Decision

There are many factors in determining which type of lighting fixture is best for your bathroom. While there may be thousands of options to choose from, we hope we’ve helped to narrow some down to your liking. If you need further advice on choosing the appropriate lighting, call HomeOps Electric and we’ll send an electrician for assistance.

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