The Benefits of an Old House Electrical Inspection
Dec 07, 2021

The Benefits of an Old House Electrical Inspection

An electrical inspection is vital in ensuring the safety of your loved ones and property, especially if you own an old house. Most homeowners with aging homes tend to shy away from a regularly scheduled electrical inspection, fearing what they will find. The expert team at HomeOps Electric are experienced electricians who can help you prepare for the next electrical inspection by ensuring your electrical system doesn’t compromise the safety of your family and home.

Most aging homes lack modern wiring, making it difficult for most homeowners to connect modern appliances without tripping circuit breakers. An electrical inspection mitigates this problem by ensuring that your electrical system is compliant with the building code and plays a crucial role in insurance premiums.

Common Electrical Problems in Old Houses

Our team of professional electricians have experience in the electrical inspection of an old home and are aware of the common issues to look for in an old electrical system. Regardless of whether you have a modern or old electrical system, an electrical emergency is not only an inconvenience but also a potential risk to your safety and property. Some of the common problems that are common in old houses include:

Old Fuse Box Instead of a Modern Circuit Breaker Panel

Circuit breakers and fuse boxes play a crucial role in controlling the amount of electricity flowing in your property and safely cut off power when the circuit is overloaded. However, circuit breakers have switches that can easily be switched back on; fuse boxes cut off power by melting wires or blowing a fuse. This calls for replacing the fuse so that electricity can be restored.

Knob and Tube Wiring

In the 50’s and previous years, the knob and tube wiring was the method used for electrical wiring in most homes. However, knob and tube wiring don’t provide sufficient energy to run modern equipment compared to modern electrical systems. A common problem with this electrical system is that it’s susceptible to overheating and a potential fire hazard.

Aluminum Wiring

Aluminum is an outdated method of electrical wiring and poses a higher risk to the safety of the property and residents. Although aluminum is lighter than modern copper wires, it heats up more, resulting in melting insulation, arcing, and fires hazards. The professionals at Southern Star Stump assess all aspects of your electrical system before recommending the most suitable solution for enhanced efficiency and safety.

Constantly Tripping Circuit Breakers

When high-energy appliances are draining more energy than the circuit breaker allows, it is common to trip. If the circuit breaker trips more frequently than usual when high-energy appliances are connected, then there’s a high chance there’s a loose connection in your home’s electrical system. An electrical inspection allows our electricians to rectify the problem and assess other potential problems requiring correction.

The older a home, the higher chances of incurring electrical-related problems. Contact the professionals at HomeOps Electric for top-notch electrical services. We are experienced and well-equipped to get the job done at an affordable price.

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