Smoke Detector Repair in Selden, NY

Smoke Detector Repair in Selden, NY

Have you had the same smoke detector for more than a decade? If the answer is yes, it might be time you replaced it to alleviate any concerns about performance in the event of a fire on your premises in Selden. Smoke detectors can go for a long time without receiving professional maintenance, leading to damage and malfunction. At HomeOps Electric, we believe that most smoke detector issues can be prevented if the potential signs of damage are detected early. Scheduling routine maintenance checks with a professional electric company ensure you get quality smoke detector replacement in Selden, preventing further damage and replacement. Here are some signs to look out for before hiring an expert for smoke detector replacement.

Your Smoke Detector is Turning Yellow

Turning smoke detector maintenance into a DIY project without the right expertise can lead to significant damage if there's a fire and it fails to go off. If you notice a sudden deterioration in the performance of a smoke detector, check if it is turning yellow before calling a qualified electrician. The bromine inside these devices turns the appliance yellow due to prolonged exposure to heat, UV light, and oxygen. This is often associated with old smoke detectors, indicating the need for carbon monoxide detector replacement. If you detect discoloration, reach out to a professional for carbon monoxide detector installation in Selden.

It Chirps All the Time

Is there a smoke detector in your home that chips almost all the time? This is a clear-cut sign of damage, and failure to address the problem can lead to costly repairs and replacements. A smoke detector that goes off when there's no emergency can lead to desensitization, and you can ignore a real warning. Our skilled experts in Selden can arrive at your location to assess the severity of the problem and determine if smoke detector repair is the ideal option.

Smoke Detector Replacement in Selden, NY

It Doesn't Respond When You Test It.

With 60% of fire-related deaths happening in homes without a functioning unit, you need a reliable service provider for smoke detector repair in Selden. The U.S Fire Administration has released a list of homeowners' guidelines regarding the maintenance of smoke detectors. They recommend routine testing at least once every month, which goes a long way in preventing smoke or fire damage. It is easy to test a smoke detector since all that's required is to press the "test" button. If it doesn't beep several times, you need to have an electrician check for damaged components or signs of malfunction.

Contains Faulty Parts that Led to a Recall

Every time, smoke detectors are recalled for containing faulty parts. This requires one to be proactive by constantly checking if there's a recent recall. If your smoke detector is among those recalled, this is a great opportunity to upgrade, and HomeOps Electric can provide quality smart smoke detector installation. We conduct our research to ensure you pick out appliances that are in optimal condition. 

If your smoke detectors are not performing as expected, it might be time to consider professional help. Contact us at HomeOps Electric and schedule a consultation with our skilled team of electricians in Selden. We guarantee nothing but exceptional services at competitive market prices.

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