Signs That Your Dimmer Switch Is Too Hot
Mar 04, 2022

Signs That Your Dimmer Switch Is Too Hot

A dimmer switch is an electrical device used to adjust lighting level in electric light bulbs by simply sliding a lever or turning a knob. This switch works by controlling the power that goes to a lighting fixture. With a dimmer switch, you can set the lighting according to your mood and preference. Apart from giving you a little more control over the intensity of your lighting, this device helps you conserve energy.

It’s normal for a dimmer switch to feel a little warm to the touch when the lights are on, but it shouldn’t feel hot. If your dimmer switch is too hot, there could be a problem that needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

Just like electrical outlets, dimmer switches have a limit on how much power they can handle. If too much electricity is running through your dimmer switch, it can get hot.

Here Are Warning Signs That Your Dimmer Switch Is Too Hot

  • Wiring issues: Faulty wiring within a dimmer switch can cause arcing and lead to overheating.
  • Overloaded switch: Different dimmer switches are rated for different levels of power. If you have too many lighting fixtures running off a dimmer switch, it can get hot and become a fire risk. Most dimmer switches are designed to handle up to 1500 watts of electricity at a time. If the lighting fixtures running off a dimmer switch exceed 1500 watts, then your switch is overloaded. You can fix this problem by upgrading your dimmer switch or installing energy-saving bulbs.
  • The dimmer switch is failing: Over time, your dimmer switch may wear out, causing problems with the electrical contacts. When your dimmer switch starts to fail, it can become a fire risk, and replacing it is always a good idea.
  • Your dimmer switch exceeds the recommended temperature: Dimmer switches usually operate at around 60 ?. If your switch exceeds the recommended temperature threshold, the device can get hot.
  • Bad installation: Bad connections within a dimmer switch can interfere with proper current flow and cause sparks within the device, thereby generating heat.

A dimmer switch that is hot to touch can cause a fire and damage your lighting fixtures. If you encounter this problem, call a nearby electrician to help you make repairs.

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