Signs It’s Time to Upgrade the Electrical Panel
Jun 27, 2021

Signs It’s Time to Upgrade the Electrical Panel

The electrical panel is a crucial safety feature for the electrical system in your building. In the event of unusual electrical activity, the circuit breaker trips to the OFF position, cutting off the electrical supply to the respective circuit. A faulty electrical panel exposes you to increased risk of electrical fires and electrocutions. In fact, the electrical panel must eventually be replaced or upgraded. This article brought to you by HomeOps Electric will go over some signs that indicate it is time to upgrade your electrical panel. If you would like to consult with a local electrician or arrange an urgent dispatch, then call HomeOps Electric and get in touch with a live representative.

When to Replace the Electrical Panel

Electrical panels have a lifespan and limited parameters just as most electronic appliances and devices. So, when do you know you need an electrical panel replacement or upgrade? Some reasons you may need a new circuit breaker include, but are not limited to:

  • Old House: Older homes were designed to handle past electrical needs. Modern electronic devices will likely overwhelm the electrical panel in an old house. Any 60-amp electrical panels should be upgraded.
  • New Appliances: Modern electrical appliances use more electricity than older ones and there are more of them too. You may need a more powerful electrical panel to handle the new workload.
  • Not Enough Outlets: An abundance of extension cords running around the floors of your rooms is a sign of too few outlets. Eliminate the trip hazard that cords pose by upgrading your electrical panel and adding more outlets to your home.

In essence, you will need to upgrade your electrical panel to keep up with the energy demands. Just as supply and demand is important in business, input and output is important in electrical work.

Why Upgrade Your Electrical Panel?

If the electrical panel is not powerful or sophisticated enough to meet the electrical demands of your electronic devices and appliances, then the circuit breakers will constantly trip off and cut the electrical supply. This is inconvenient but is actually a good “problem” and a sign that your electrical panel is working.
Faulty electrical panels can be worse. Overcrowded connections and overworked circuits can lead to wiring faults and electrical fires. Property insurance companies know electrical panels protect homes from electrical fires and associated damage. This is why many insurance providers provide discounts for an upgraded electrical panel.

What Is A Fuse Box?

A fuse box is actually a type of electrical panel. The other common type is the circuit breaker panel. Both fuse boxes and circuit breaker panels are electrical panels that manage the flow of electricity through circuits. However, while circuit breaker’s switch to the OFF position to cut the electrical circuit in the circuit breaker panel, the fuse box holds fuses that blow out. These fuses must be replaced with new ones each time the circuit is broken by the electrical panel.
Fuse boxes are considered outdated and we recommend you upgrade to a circuit breaker panel instead. It can save you money and is more safe and secure.

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