How to Install a Hot Tub?
Jul 12, 2022

How to Install a Hot Tub?

Homeowners are constantly looking for additions that enhance the quality of life, and hot tubs are among the most common. After a long day, hot tubs provide a way to reconnect with your inner self, soothing your body and mind. Regular soaking has many advantages, like improvement of flexibility, relieving pain from fibromyalgia or arthritis, and better sleep. Luckily, learning to install one is not difficult safely, but you should consult a professional electrician to ensure everything is in tiptop condition.

While the installation process is easy and doesn’t require a lot of technical skill, you are still required to follow local zoning regulations or the rules set by the homeowner’s association. This entails a lengthy process that may become difficult for most people, and that’s where HomeOps Electric comes in as your go-to service provider. Here are five easy steps to help install a hot tub in your backyard.

Select a Suitable Location

Location is vital when it comes to installing a hot tub. As you envision your ideal space, consider factors that compromise the quality and comfort of your new sanctuaries, such as traffic flow, neighbors, and surrounding structures. The first step is to install a gazebo or fence for gazebo for privacy so that you can pick the most suitable location for your neighbor and passersby.

Ensure the ground around your preferred location is firm and at least 10 feet from utility lines. If there’s greenery or structures, ensure adequate clearance, creating a safe space for your hot tub. We recommend choosing a place close to a water source and GCFI electrical circuit, making the installation less rigorous. It is also important to steer clear of trees and less porous areas to avoid the risk of damage.

Prepare a Suitable Foundation

A lot goes into preparing a suitable foundation, and consulting an expert can help you avoid rookie mistakes. Check the structural integrity and load limit of your chosen location to ensure everything aligns with the coding requirements. Hiring an expert contractor and electrician ensures the foundation is perfectly laid without damaging the electrical wiring. If you are looking for suitable bases for your hot tab, there are several options, like prefabricated hot tab pads, paver stones, and gravel.

Upgrade Electrical Outlets

The next step is checking if your current electrical system meets the power requirements of your unit. We have a team of experienced electricians who adhere to local regulations and the National Electrical Code (NEC), ensuring everything is in tiptop condition. The last thing you want is a constantly tripping circuit breaker, and an electrician can prevent this by installing a 220/240-volt circuit with a GFCI to operate the tub safely. It is also vital to install an emergency shut-off switch at least 5 feet from the hot tub for safety.

Position the Tub

Once you get the hot tub to your desired location, take the time to orient the tub appropriately. The tub should be placed in an easily accessible position, and the steps or entry ladders should be placed firmly. If the tub is recessed in your deck, consider placing the edge two feet above the floor to prevent accidental tumbles. Add safety precautions like alarms and covers to prevent pets and children from harm.

Fill It Up!

The final step is to fill it up and test if everything is in optimal condition. Start by turning off the electricity to the tub, and close the drain valve. Wipe the interior with a mild, non-foaming cleaner as you check if the filters are placed properly. The fastest way to fill the tub is using a garden hose, allowing you to check for leaks, especially near fittings behind the equipment door. Add water treatment chemicals before restoring power to the breaker, and let it warm for about 8 hours.

Don’t risk overloading your electrical circuits. Contact HomeOps Electric and schedule a consultation with an expert electrician. We guarantee exceptional electrical services at competitive market rates.

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