How to Improve Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings
Jul 02, 2022

How to Improve Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings

Everyone looks for ways that they can benefit more and improve efficiency in a property. If you are a business owner, you may be looking to save more energy and cut spending on such uses. If you are a property manager, you may be looking to use the energy at its utmost efficiency. Throughout this article, we will share some tips that we have gathered from our professional electricians about how you can easily improve your energy efficiency in a commercial building.

Updating HVAC Systems and Motors

We all know that motors and HVAC systems can be energy draining. What many people in commercial buildings don’t know is that you may have one of the oldest motor or HVAC systems that causes the energy to be drained completely. This not only limits the efficiency but also skyrockets the electrical bill. For this reason, having a service regularly checking them is crucial to keeping everything efficient.

Upgrade or Fix Your Lights

Lights can be easily considered the worst when it comes to energy usage. Think about your building, every person is to shut down the lights when they leave, but who can easily remember that? Fixing your lights or upgrading them to motion-sensing ones can help you save so much more than you can even imagine. With motion-sensing lights, you can easily stop the overuse of electricity, leading to lower electric bills and an increase in efficiency.

Power Management Automation

In modern computers, printers, and items as such, there is power management in the settings. This allows the item to put itself to sleep when there is no one using it. While power management automation does allow you to save energy if there is no one using or checking a computer, you are to check it at least once a month, for the system may reset or get overridden. So, it requires you to double and triple-check to fully take advantage of the power management setting.

Thermostat Settings

There is always a deep-down conflict with the temperature of the room. To avoid this, you can install energy-saving thermostats. These thermostats allow you to easily avoid cooling or heating any rooms that are not needed and show workers the set temperature that will not change in the summer or the winter. This way, workers who know that they have a set temperature can bring anything to make themselves warmer or cooler, eliminating any potential conflict and saving lots of energy.

Server Rooms

Many server rooms may seem like a requirement to many companies. However, as technology improves, having cloud data hosting allows many to save energy in extreme amounts. Talk with your IT manager to find a plan that works for you to save energy with the servers.

HomeOps Electric

Finding the right service to fit your exact needs can be hard. For this reason, at HomeOps Electric, we take matters into our own hands. We know how much saving energy can help you benefit more. With our professional electricians, modern equipment, and dedication, saving energy has never been easier. Call us today to learn more about us or our commercial electrical services.

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