How to Deal With Frequent Power Surges
Oct 20, 2021

How to Deal With Frequent Power Surges

As the name suggests, a power surge occurs when there’s a sudden and sharp increase in electrical current. In other words, a power surge happens when there’s an unexpected and massive spike in voltage in an electrical circuit.

Power surges can damage your appliances and electronics, cause electrical fires and inconveniences. It can be frustrating to experience frequent power surges, whether you’re at your office trying to get things done or watching your favorite shows at home.

When you experience frequent power surges in your home, office, or manufacturing facility, you should call a reliable "electrician near me" to find where the problem is and fix the issue. At HomeOps Electric, we can help you protect your property against power surges.

Before we look at what you can do about power surges, let’s highlight some of the causes of frequent power surges.     

What Causes Power Surges?

  • Faulty wiring
  • Electrical overload
  • Power outage
  • Lightning
  • Improper installation

What Can You Do About Power Surges?

Here is what you can do to safeguard against frequent power surges:

  • Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance helps you to prevent electrical problems such as electrical overload and faulty wiring before they result in power surges. You should work with knowledgeable and experienced electricians to perform regular maintenance checks on your electrical system. Let the electricians check your wiring, electrical panel, electrical outlets, AC units, and other components of your electrical system.

  • Use Surge Protectors

You can protect your electronics from power surges using surge protector devices such as power strips and surge protector outlets. If you want to install a whole-house surge protector, call an "electrician near me" to help you out. A whole-house surge protector is installed at the electrical panel that connects your house's electrical system to the grid.

  • Unplug Electronics During a Storm

If you’ve not installed surge protectors in your home or business, it’s advisable to unplug unused devices to prevent surges. Lightning can cause a massive spike in voltage, so it’s good to be on the safe side when there are thunderstorms.

  • Call Experienced Electricians to Help You with Electrical Installations

One of the common causes of frequent power surges is improper installation of electrical systems. Whether you’re looking to install a new electrical circuit, electrical panels, new wiring, or electrical outlets, ensure you work with experienced electricians.

  • Install High-Efficiency AC Units

Older AC units are more likely to cause voltage spikes as they draw more power compared to newer and high-efficiency AC units. When you are ready to install a high-efficient AC unit, call our electricians at HomeOps Electric to help you with installation.

If you’re experiencing frequent power surges in your home or office, our experienced electricians at HomeOps Electric can provide reliable solutions that will keep your home or office safe.

HomeOps Electric provides a full range of electrical services, including power surge protection, electrical installation & repairs, circuit breaker installation, and more. If you are in need of any kind of assistance with your residential or commercial electrical system, our nearby electricians in Brentwood, NY can help you out.

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