How To Deal With a Faulty Light Switch
Dec 09, 2022

How To Deal With a Faulty Light Switch

Is there a light switch in your house that doesn't work as it should? If you have a screwdriver, voltage analyzer, insulated pliers, and a wire connector you can investigate your light switch to decide the issue and, if needed, have an electrical switch replacement in Holbrook. Switching out lights costs little and only takes a short amount of time. Work with light switches with caution because they can be very dangerous. Contact a professional electrician from HomeOps Electric if you are uncomfortable working with electricity. Never work with power plugs, switches, or installations, except if you have a comprehension of electrical circuits and fundamental home wiring.

Causes of Light Switch Failure

  • Fuse Burnouts – Light switch failure can be caused by fuse burnout and tripped circuit breakers. Before leaning towards an electrical switch replacement immediately, it's a good idea to examine your circuit breaker. A fuse can sometimes be replaced, and the problem will be fixed. However, if you frequently experience burned-out fuses, you should probably reevaluate how much power you use to avoid overloading your house's wiring.
  • Loose Wiring – Flickering lights frequently cause complaints from a lot of people. Sometimes, the problem here is not with the switch but with the lightbulb. However, if the flickering persists after tightening the bulb, the problem may be caused by a loose wire. A loose wire found under the light switch plate may frequently be the cause.
  • Buzzing Light Switch – If you hear a buzzing or humming sound coming from your light switch, something more serious is going on. The same is true for a scorching light switch. Regardless of whether your light switch is in fact actually working, you could have a fire hazard. Be proactive and call an electrician immediately.

How to Change the Faulty Light Switch

Safety First

If there is a situation where the light switch needs to be replaced, follow these five tips. Before beginning any electrical repair, the power to the switchboard should always be turned off. If you can locate the particular circuit breaker that is connected to the light switch, turn it off. If not, turn off the main power switch and check to see if the circuit has been cut. Please lock it as well for your own safety so that nobody else can turn it on. This is especially important for your safety while you work on the broken switch.

Unscrew the Cover Plate

Take a flathead screwdriver and take out the screws that are holding the light switch cover plate in place. Next, loosen the mounting screws at the switch's top and bottom with a head screwdriver. To expose the wire terminals, carefully lift the switch out of the switch box. Use your phone to take a picture for later use. You may need to refer to this image when reinstalling the wiring to ensure that the terminals are reconnected in the correct order. Next, loosen the terminal screws and remove the wires from the terminals.

Troubleshoot the Wiring

The next step is to see if two points can be connected by an electric path. A basic continuity tester or a multimeter with a continuity function is required for this. Make sure the switch is off and use the tester to touch the two wire terminals. The light on the tester should not turn on or the tester should not make any noise. The process should then be repeated by activating the switch. If the continuity tester lights up or the multimeter makes a sound, the switch works fine.

Test the Switch

Using a multimeter, test the switch in the final step. To begin, turn off the switch and test for infinity by touching one probe to each hot terminal. Restart the process by turning the switch on. When a good switch is turned on, the reading will always be zero or close to zero. Supplant the flawed switches that show infinity in on position.

Contact the Professionals

If this guide didn’t help or if you need further assistance and cannot replace the switch by yourself, call HomeOps Electric. We’ll send in an expert electrician to finish the job.

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