Electrical Panel Replacement in Mount Sinai, NY

Electrical Panel Replacement in Mount Sinai, NY

Your electrical panel installation, also called the distribution board or breaker panel, is the gatekeeper for all of the electricity entering your home or business. It channels that electricity throughout your building and features safety mechanisms to prevent electrical fires, electrical damage, and electrocutions. A faulty electrical panel can expose you to property damage and bodily injury. So, waste no time in scheduling an electrical panel repair in Mount Sinai, NY if you suspect a faulty panel. Whether you need an electrical panel repair or an electrical panel replacement in Mount Sinai, the dedicated electricians at HomeOps Electric are ready to help.

What Is the Electrical Panel?

The electrical panel is usually a gray box often found either in a utility room, garage, or basement. Open its door and you will see rows of switches or fuses. A circuit breaker installation has switches while a fuse box has fuses. Each of the switches, or fuses, is connected to a specific circuit within the building. Whenever there is unusual electrical activity in a circuit, the circuit breaker will trip, or the fuse will blow, in order to cut the electrical circulation.

Signs of Trouble

There are several signs of a faulty electrical panel installation in Mount Sinai. For beginners, you should call an electrician as soon as possible if you notice burn marks, smells of smoke, or hissing and crackling sounds near the electrical panel. Other signs that it is time for a Mount Sinai electrical panel replacement or electrical panel repair include:

  • Regularly flickering lights
  • Frequently tripping circuit breakers
  • Overheating appliances
  • Sparking wall outlets
  • An old unit

These issues can be due to anything from faulty wiring to an outdated electrical panel installation in Mount Sinai. For instance, if your electrical panel is 100 amps or less, then it probably will not be able to meet the electrical demands of a modern home. Installing heavy appliances without an electrical panel replacement can damage your electrical wiring and the appliances.

Upgrade Your Fuse Box

Though the fuse box performs the same duty as a circuit breaker, the fuse box is an outdated system – and costly. While a circuit breaker uses switches that can be readily switched on and off, a fuse will have to be replaced each time it blows. This can add up in the long run, both in terms of money and time spent dealing with it.

Fortunately, a fuse box upgrade is quick and affordable. It may even help reduce your property insurance premium. Call HomeOps Electric to schedule a fuse box upgrade today.

Emergency Service Available

As mentioned earlier, the electrical panel is the gatekeeper for all of the electricity entering your home. It is also responsible for cutting power to problematic circuits. A faulty or damaged electrical panel can cause electrical fires, electrical damage, and even electrocutions. If you suspect your electrical panel is faulty, then call HomeOps Electric to arrange an emergency electrical panel repair any time. Our live representatives and dedicated electricians are always ready to help.


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