Electrical Panel Replacement in Brentwood, NY
Jul 11, 2021

Electrical Panel Replacement in Brentwood, NY

Your electrical panel installation in Brentwood plays a lead role in protecting your building, appliances, electronics, and loved ones from electrical fires, power surges, and electrocutions. If you want it to continue working properly, then you must maintain it and handle any electrical panel repair with urgency. Fortunately for residents in Brentwood, NY, the certified electricians at HomeOps Electric are always ready to deliver an electrical panel replacement or repair. We are available around the clock for emergency requests, so do not ever hesitate to call. Our live representatives are on standby for your call now.

What Is the Electrical Panel?

Electricity is a volatile and dangerous element. As a precaution, the electricity delivered to your building is divided into isolated circuits connected to your electrical panel installation, also called the circuit breaker installation, which manages the circuits. The electrical panel is usually a gray box found in a utility area such as a garage, basement, or furnace room.
If there is unusual electrical activity in any of the circuits, then the circuit breaker cuts off power to the respective circuit by “tripping” the circuit breaker. You can then head to the electrical panel and switch the circuit breaker back “on” after the threat is under control. In short, your circuit breaker installation in Brentwood is a vital line of defense against dangerous and unpredictable electrical activity.

Replace Small Panels to Meet Modern Electrical Demand

An electrical panel installation can only handle so much electrical flow. The size of your panel is measured in amperages between 50 and 400. Old buildings may have 50 or 100 amps while newer models generally have 100 or 200. 
Electronic devices and appliances have gotten more energy efficient over the years, but the number of gadgets in each household has increased. Nowadays, it is common for one household to have multiple televisions, computers, and video game consoles. There are also the smart phones, tablets, laptops, and other extras. A small panel in such an environment would constantly trip. In this case, you will need an electrical panel replacement in Brentwood to meet modern electrical demand.

Fuse Boxes Are Outdated

Fuses boxes are the older form of the circuit breaker panel. Both serve the same function of dividing and managing electrical circuits, but they work differently. 
An electrical panel uses circuit breakers that “trip” and can be switched back into place, but a fuse box uses fuses that “blow out” to interrupt the circuit. Fuses boxes are therefore more expensive in the long-term as the fuses must be replaced each time they blow out. Further, insurance companies usually charge a higher premium for houses that use fuse boxes.
So, if you want to save money in the short term and long term, then consider a fuse box upgrade. Ready to upgrade? Call HomeOps Electric to speak with a friendly representative and get started.

We Offer Emergency Services

If you are in Brentwood and have been searching the web for “electrical panel replacement near me,” then you are probably looking for urgent help. HomeOps Electric is proud to offer emergency services around the clock. Call now to request an emergency dispatch.

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