Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation in Selden, NY

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation in Selden, NY

Did You know that an EV charger is eight times faster than a regular cable? As a property or homeowner, the last thing you need is a higher utility bill, and choosing to have an electric vehicle charging station installation protects you from such problems. There are many reasons to consider hiring EVSE installers in Selden, and HomeOps Electric is your go-to service provider. Leverage our cutting-edge equipment and extensive industry experience for top-notch EV charging system installation and maintenance.

If you own or planning to purchase an electric vehicle, it is crucial to ensure everything needed is in place. We recommend working with a reputable service provider for guaranteed quality and efficiency in your new installation. Here are some reasons to onboard a professional to assess and install an EV charging system in Selden.


Most people are under the false impression that you can take a cable, connect one end to the grid and plug in your car, and that’s all. That is one of the fastest ways to spike your electric bill straight through the roof. If you connect a car battery directly to the grid, it will charge to full power all the electricity from your home. Since a mode 1 charging cable can’t withstand the current needed to set a car, it can result in significant property damage or fire hazards. At HomeOps Electric, we ensure that everything is in tiptop condition before proceeding with electric vehicle charger installation in Selden for optimal safety.

Speed It Up

There’s no doubt that charging your electric car with an intelligent charger is faster than an ordinary cable. A domestic electrical outlet delivers a maximum of 3.7 kW, which barely meets the minimum requirements for a car battery. We are familiar with leading brands, guaranteeing all our clients in Selden nothing but exceptional electric vehicle charger installation. Our team will assess the battery capacity of your car to ensure you get the suitable unit for fast charging and safety.

EVSE Installers in Selden, NY

Manage Your Charging

One of the main benefits of professional EV charging systems installation is managing to charge, especially with intelligent devices via applications. This convenient and easy-to-use system tells you when your vehicle is fully charged, gives you the option of choosing the rate to charge, and has an integrated timer that allows you to charge your car at off-peak times when electricity is cheaper. This is a vital consideration before hiring an expert for electric vehicle charging station installation in Selden.

Save Money

Smart charging allows you to save money since you can opt to charge your vehicle when the electricity rates are low. Since most companies even peak when most people are at home, electricity is usually cheaper at night or early in the morning. With a simple tap on your phone, you can start charging your car during the off-peak hours.

Before searching the internet for EVSE installers near me, ensure you have sufficient information and the right electrician. Contact us today at HomeOps Electric to enjoy exceptional electric vehicle charger installation in Selden at a competitive market price. 

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