Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation in Coram, NY

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation in Coram, NY

Electrical vehicles are becoming more and more popular as environmental consciousness and unique incentives grow. Incentives include tax breaks and lower usage costs. One drawback of owning an electrical vehicle, however, is the length of charges and supply of charging stations. Luckily, you can install a charging station in your home! The cost of an EV charging systems installation is dropping as more and more companies offer the services.

If you have been running around looking for an affordable and reliable electric vehicle charger installation, then you are at the right place. HomeOps Electric is proud to be your local EVSE installers in Coram. Call now to get your free estimate and schedule your flexible appointment today.

What Is a Car Charging Station?

You can think of an electric vehicle charging station installation as the equivalent of gas pumps for electric vehicles, but charging your electrical vehicle is more similar to charging your smart phone or laptop. However, the voltage that an electrical vehicle requires is different from that an electronic device requires. EV chargers convert the power into a form that the electric vehicle’s battery pack can accept.

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Different Types of Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE)

If you have been searching the web for "EVSE installers near me," then you are at the right place, but we have to figure out what type of EVSE you need. Let’s break it down into the three levels:

Let’s begin with level 1 charging stations. An EV purchase or lease usually comes with a level 1 charging cable. Simply plug into a standard wall socket using a three-prong plug and you are set. They are slow to charge, though, giving you about five miles of battery range for every hour of charge.

A level 2 charging station can get you about 200 miles of range with 12 hours of charging. Level 2 charging stations use 240-volt circuits, just like your clothes dryer. So, you will probably need to hire a reliable electrician to run a 240-volt circuit to your garage. Our electric vehicle charging station installation in Coram DOES provide this service.

Level 3 charging stations are the best stations usually found on commercial sites. Some of these charging stations can give you a full charge in an hour or less! Of course, their price tag will likely include 5 digits. Unfortunately, the electrical grid in many residential areas do not support a level 3 electric vehicle charger installation in Coram. If you need a level 3 EVSE installation in Coram, then call HomeOps Electric for a consultation.

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If you are interested in going electric, then you are probably doing a lot of calculations. We want you to get the numbers right. This is why we offer price estimates upfront. Call HomeOps Electric to consult with a friendly representative and get your price quote today. Don’t forget to explore our website for applicable discounts and coupons and remember to ask our representative about ongoing promotional offers! We are always happy to help.

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