Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation in Brentwood, NY

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation in Brentwood, NY

The rush and stress of your daily routine-filled days can make finding the time to install a charger seem like an impossible task.

After searching for EVSE installers near me, you found HomeOps Electric. We have been doing EV charging systems installation for several years, using expert electricians to ensure you get a quality product that gets the job done for you quickly, safely, and at a competitive price.

At HomeOps Electric, we're committed to making your home ready for electric car charging systems. Our experienced EVSE installers in Brentwood will visit your home and guide you through the process. Within three business days, you'll have a safe, secure, and fully functional home charger for your vehicle. Trust the people who save the planet one EVSE installation at a time while keeping their customers happy – without relying on software or call centers.

Electric Vehicle Charging Systems Installation

When you own an electric vehicle, you will need an electric vehicle charger installation at your home or business has many benefits. Charging stations keep you from finding public charging stations, which can be inconvenient. They also allow you to monitor how much energy your vehicle uses and save energy by charging only when it is most cost-effective. Additionally, installing a charging station at your home or business can make your property more attractive to potential buyers if you decide to sell it.

What Is Involved In an EVSE Installation?

The installation process for an electric vehicle charging station (EVSE) is fairly simple. However, there are a few essential things to consider before starting an electric vehicle charger installation in Brentwood. Here is what you need to know about the installation process:

  • The type of EVSE you choose will depend on several factors, including how long you plan to own your present car, how often you intend to use the car, and how long you tend to park at home.
  • Some people prefer having a portable charger that they can take with them when leaving the house. Others prefer having a permanently installed unit that they can always use at home.
  • If you choose a portable unit, you should consider purchasing an extension cord so that you can still reach it while driving away from home. This will help ensure that your charger works even when away from home.
  • When considering the location of your new EVSE, ask yourself if there are any electrical outlets nearby that could be used as backup power in case of an outage. If not, include these outlets in your plans when installing your new unit.
  • Finally, make sure to purchase the right components for your EVSE needs.

With all the media attention that Electric Vehicles are getting, it is only a matter of time until they become more popular and affordable for the average consumer. The most significant advantage of an EV is the cost savings. EVs do not use gasoline but instead use electricity from your home or local charging station to run their electric motors.

EVSE, or Electric Vehicle Service Equipment, refers to the "charging station" that you would typically see at a gas station or other public area. This will also include any electrical wiring to connect the charging unit to your main electrical panel for residential installations.

The two most common types of EVSE are Level 1 and Level 2. A Level 1 charging system can be installed in any home with an existing 120V outlet (15A minimum). It uses the same power source as your dryer or stove and will charge an electric vehicle about 5 miles per hour.

Level 2 charging systems are more powerful units that require specific electrical wiring to operate. They can charge an electric vehicle at a rate of up to 25 miles per hour and require either a dedicated circuit or a subpanel upgrade to operate correctly.

HomeOps Electric For Your EVSE Needs

The installation of the Electric Vehicle Charging Station was completed quickly and easily, with no disruptions to local businesses or traffic. How did you make that happen?

All HomeOps Electric stations are UL approved and are designed to pass several rigorous Grade 4 tests. We also have a lock on the charging station, so only you and your driver's PIN can access your station.

The installation of our station comes at a highly competitive price. We have spent years curating all the best features into a high-quality package with a magnetic keypad and rugged charging handle, among many other perks.

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