Are You Having Issues With Your Electrical Outlets?
Dec 03, 2021

Are You Having Issues With Your Electrical Outlets?

Most people aren’t aware of what lies behind an outlet! This means homeowners aren’t capable of diagnosing the problem easily once a plug stops working for example. Broken outlets are common, and in most cases, they can be fixed without reaching out to electricians. HomeOps is here to help you in case you need an electrical outlet replacement! The main reasons why outlets stop working can be summarized as follows:

Reasons Why Your Electrical Outlets are Not Working

  • Burned Outlets

Strong electrical currents can cause outlets to burn out. In fact, you can insert a plug into the outlet and the outlet pops with sparks, causing it to stop working. If the outlet appears blackened around the plugs, it probably means that the entire outlet needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Fixing this issue requires electrical outlet replacement to prevent an electrical fire.

  • Switched Plugs

Managing half of the outlets can be achieved by installing a switch in the room, in case an overhead light doesn’t exist. This way, you can simply flip switches on the walls instead of walking over to turn on lamps. Homeowners must identify every single house switch and its function, in order to act quickly in case of an incident.

  • Tripped Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers control the flow of electricity to each room in the house. High electrical flow through the circuits, such as overloading the circuit with too many devices and appliances, can cause the breaker to ‘trip’, and when they do, the outlets stop working in order to keep the circuits from overheating and causing damage. In case of a tripped circuit breaker, which appears to be between the ‘on’ and ‘off’ position, start by flipping the switch to off, and then back to on. This operation resets the circuit and potentially fixes your broken outlet.

  • Blocked Cord Plugs

Don’t jab in the plug if your outlet seems blocked when you try to plug in a device, because something may be blocking the socket. As the prongs are entered, impaired protective shutters may cease to move. The blocked outlet can contain a broken piece, or even a child safety feature that blocks the plug’s entry. You are advised to contact a certified electrician to fix the problem once you suspect a blockage in your electrical system.

  • Backstabbed Wiring

Despite the fact that builders use this technique to save time, backstabbed wires are very dangerous. In this case, the wires are backstabbed into their receptacles, and they have been pushed into connectors that grip the wires inside the devices. This technique can cause a loose connection, burned-out wires, and a dead circuit. Removing the backstabbed wires can be done using the right tools, before tightening the wires around the screw, but contacting an electrician is always advised.

Are you having issues with your electricity? Are you looking for a team of electricians to provide you with electrical outlet replacement? It’s time you seek assistance from HomeOps! Its team of electricians can intervene in case of an electrical failure, and conduct electrical outlet replacements.

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