All About Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
Oct 05, 2021

All About Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Did you recently purchase an electric car and now you’re wondering if you need any special equipment to properly charge it? You’ve come to the right place! The team at HomeOps Electric has experience working with electric vehicle charger installation and has created this ultimate guide to electric vehicle charging stations. You may think you can use any regular outlet to charge your electric car, but there is so much more to it than just plugging it into a regular outlet. Let’s discuss further.

How To Plug In An Electric Vehicle

Most electric cars on the market today can be charged from a 120-volt wall outlet, but that isn’t the most efficient way to charge your electric vehicle. If possible, HomeOps Electric recommends calling us to install a 220-volt, or ‘level-1’ wall outlet to use when charging your electric vehicle.

When it comes to actually plugging in your electric vehicle to charge it each night, you may be surprised to learn that the charging ports are located on-board your vehicle. The charger isn’t just the wall outlet piece. The equipment that is in your car converts AC power to DC power from your home to charge your car’s battery. The box, the cord, and the wall mount all help to supply electricity from your home to your car – this is called Electric Vehicle Service Equipment, often referred to as EVSE.

EVSE Charging

While you can use a regular wall outlet, EVSE installation can cut your charging time in half while also giving your battery a long-lasting time. EVSE installation also takes advantage of your discount times from your electric company. Some companies charge less depending on the time of day, the seasons, and when power is in less demand. Making your energy bills lower and your car battery long-lasting. If you decide to call HomeOps Electric for EVSE installation, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Turn on/off electricity supply to car
  • Tells you the amount of available electricity
  • Schedule charging times based on discounts, time of days, etc.
  • Usage reports available

What To look for in your EVSE Charging Station

When looking for an EVSE charging station, you’ll want to make sure it has these key features before making the purchase:

  • 30-amp service: This amount of service gives you the most mileage for your battery. If your electric vehicle can’t use this much power, you want to make sure you know what amp level it needs.
  • Charging cable size: While most run for 15-25 feet, you want to make sure your cable is long enough to reach from your car to your wall outlet.
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi-enabled EVSE cost more, but the benefits are worth it. You can control everything remotely when it comes to charging your car.

Electric Vehicle Charge Installation

Are you looking for EVSE installation for your electric vehicle? Are you looking for fast and reliable electric vehicle charger installation? If so, you can call HomeOps Electric at any time to schedule your appointment with one of our local electrician in Commack, NY!

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