6 Benefits of Home EV Chargers
Apr 16, 2022

6 Benefits of Home EV Chargers

If you’re considering buying an electric car, you should also think about a convenient way of charging the vehicle. Electric vehicles come with a new way of doing things and that includes keeping them charged up so they can keep running.

As someone who’s just leaving the world of combustion engines, the idea of owning a home EV charger might seem too good to be true.

At HomeOps Electric, we’ve compiled six benefits of home EV chargers to help you understand why installing a home EV charger is worth the expense.


This is arguably the biggest benefit that comes with installing a home EV charger. With home EV chargers, you can charge your electric vehicle from the comfort of your home at any time. This eliminates the need to rely on public electric vehicle charging stations. Moreover, you have more control over when you can charge your car and for how long.

Save Time

Public electric vehicle charging stations are not as convenient as home EV chargers because you may have to wait around a public charging point for hours or struggle to find a reliable one in your location. Public EV charging points can be hard to come by in some locations, and if you don't wake up early enough, you may spend many hours waiting in line.

With a home EV charger, all you have to do is plug in when you want to charge your electric car and be ready to hit the road.

Save Money

Although installing a home EV charger will cost more upfront, charging your electric vehicle at home can save you a significant amount of money in the long run.  Most public charging stations charge higher prices during peak hours, meaning you could spend more money on charging your electric car if you must charge during peak hours. But charging your electric car at home during off-peak hours can save you money in the long run. You can also realize more savings through tax credits.

You Can Rent Out Your Home EV Charger and Make Money

Moreover, you can rent out your EV charger to electric vehicle owners in your neighborhood when you’re not charging and make money.  

Improve Property Value

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, and it's evident that they are here to stay. As a result, installing an EV charger in your home can be an attractive addition for would-be homebuyers. Even if you don’t own an electric car, installing a home EV charger is a great investment because it adds value to your home, making it more attractive to potential homebuyers.

They Can Last for Long

A durable and well-installed EV charger can last for up to 20 years, provided its maintained properly.

Are You in Need of Electrical Vehicle Charger Installation? Call HomeOps Electric to Help You Out

If you are getting ready to buy an electric car and you’re looking for a reliable electrician to install a new electrical vehicle charging station in your home or repair a malfunctioning EV charger, let the electricians at HomeOps Electric help you out.

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